Welcome to 2021! What to Expect This Year

2021 has arrived — here’s how this year will be different than 2020.

I feel like all that needs to be said about 2020 has already been said. So, welcome to 2021! It’s great to be here, and I hope you feel the same.

2021 is less two weeks old, but I believe this year will be different than the last. Here’s what I expect from 2021:

1. Remote Work — Here, There and Everywhere

One of the biggest parts of the “new normal” of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic: working remotely. Many companies are embracing remote work due to the pandemic, and I think it’s great. Here’s hoping the push for remote work continues in 2021. That way, people here, there and everywhere can enjoy getting work done from home.

2. Mask Up — Today, Tomorrow and for the Foreseeable Future

Wearing a face mask feels strange. But, one thing to keep in mind: it’s only temporary. Eventually, the day will come when we can retire our face masks. At that point, we can relish in the fact that if we can stop a pandemic, then anything is possible.

3. Keep Pushing Forward — It Will Be Worth It in the Long Run

Some days appear promising, and some days look bleak. We can’t control what happens on a daily basis, but we can control how we respond to what happens. So, I encourage you to try your best — every day. Success is not a guarantee, but neither is failure. If you try your best and succeed, that’s terrific. Or, if you try your best and fail, take solace in the fact that you tried your best — and that’s terrific too.  

No matter what happens in 2021, let’s work together to make the year one we’ll remember for all the right reasons. We are stronger together than we are apart, so let’s support one another, and we can get through the year as one.

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