Why the Library Is an Underrated Self-Employment Resource

Here’s why you need to visit your local library

Self-employables are usually low-maintenance when it comes to workspace requirements — in most instances, we only need a laptop, a Wi-Fi connection and a comfortable place to sit. Of course, how you perform in a workspace often depends on your work environment’s noise level, Wi-Fi availability and other factors. If you’re searching for a great place to work outside your home, here’s a workspace to consider — your local library.

Reasons to Work from the Library

The library offers a serene workspace that you can use just about every day. There are nearly 117,000 libraries in the United States, and each offers a comfortable work environment. Plus, you can access free library resources to learn how to take your self-employment career to the next level.

There’s a lot to like about working from the library, and here are three reasons why I recommend you give it a try:

1. Libraries are quiet.

If you’re on deadline and need a quiet workspace, look no further than a library. Here, you can sit at a carrel desk where you can partially or completely isolate yourself from others. As a result, you can focus on what’s important — doing your job, as well as you can.

2. Libraries are available free of charge.

If you work from a coffee shop, you’ll likely have to buy food or beverages. At a library, you can come and go as you please. If you get hungry or thirsty while you’re working, many libraries offer vending machines so you can grab a snack or drink, too.

3. Libraries promote community engagement.

Self-employment gets super-boring at times, but thanks to libraries, you can connect with your community. Libraries frequently host educational sessions and other events throughout the year. So, once you’re done working from the library, check out a library event, and you can foster relationships in your community.

Take a trip to your local library, and you’ll discover a work environment where any self-employable can thrive.

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