Should You Decline Work?

Here are instances when it’s ok to say no to work opportunities.

Self-employed professionals want a consistent workload. But, there are times when you need to decline work.

When Should You Decline Work?

Here are five instances when you should say no to work:

1. You Feel Overwhelmed by Your Workload

Your workload should not prevent you from maintaining a healthy work-life balance. So, if your workload affects your wellbeing, you should turn down work. At this point, assess and adjust your workload. That way, you can regain a healthy work-life balance.

2. Work You Are Offered Does Not Pay Well

A quality client will pay you what you’re worth. If someone offers you work that falls below your pay rate, negotiate the terms. In the event you cannot come to terms on a pay rate, don’t settle. Instead, decline the request and pursue clients who will pay you what you’re worth.

3. Work Could Disrupt Your Upcoming Plans

Your upcoming plans can include anything from a family vacation to attending a conference. If you are offered work that could disrupt these plans, share your concerns with the client. Oftentimes, if someone wants to work with you, due dates can be adjusted. On the other hand, if work will force you to cancel or postpone your plans, decline it.

4. The Client Is Not Committed

For work to be successful, you and your client need to be on the same page. In other words, your client must be as committed to the task at hand as you. If the client misses phone calls or does other things that make you question their commitment, decline the work opportunity.

5. You Are Not Committed

You need to feel engaged in your work. If you feel like a poor fit for a work opportunity, let the client know. If possible, recommend peers who may be better-suited than you to fulfill the client’s request.

The Bottom Line on Turning Down Work

Work opportunities come and go. Meanwhile, there’s only one you, and you need to take care of yourself as best as you can.

If you need to turn down work, politely do so. Then, you can move forward in your efforts to support your current clientele as best as you can.

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